80% of development projects holders don’t manage to showcase their results. We put emphasis on your results to make them visible

40% of projects don’t reach their main objectives. They end up having intermediate or unexpected results

In 10 years, migration has increased by 28%. Expatriates’s remittances to their country of origin jumped from $ 296 billion in 2007 to $ 445 billion in 2016

Simplify your language, ease the conversation

A technical message will not reach the right public : you are expected to communicate differently so that it understands the message.  Most of the people adressed by those messages don’t even know they exist.

 Coordination/facilitation is the key

Multilateral projects are particularly elaborate with numerous stakeholders having different point of view and different interest. A facilitator is then needed to deal with institutions, partners, service providers and manage the sensitivities.



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